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You get to the greenhouse from outside the music room. You open the dutch door that leads to a short hallway which has a beadboard ceiling and leads into the greenhouse.

The greenhouse floor is heat absorbing slate from India. There is a drain in the middle of the floor so that you can water plants freely using the flexible hose attached to the 100 year old cast iron sink.

The windows are computer controlled so that they open when it's hot and close when its cold or raining. The plant racks are recycled from a lot of material that was left in the Barn.

Apparently, Charlie Dana (a previous owner) started to grow vines on the property and there were big containers for grapes in the barn - along with these things that looked like wine racks - which, when we measured them, were about a 16th of an inch too small for a wine bottle - so we cut them up and re-used them.

There is a door to the garage from the greenhouse so that you don't need to treck soil and garden stuff through the house. There is also an exterior door from the greenhouse hallway.<