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Construction stared with a little demolition.

The building had a couple of additions put onto it that needed to be removed. We also needed to take down the Bull pen and the silos.

Inside the main building, the cows had homes at night. The floor had a lot of concrete in it for feeding troughs and things like that. It took a massive concrete busting machine and 28 trucks to haul away the debris.

The original intent was to re-use the silo tops for historical reasons, but when we got them off the building, we decided that we were better off building new hats for the new silos.

We managed to find someone who wanted the old silo tops. Likewise with the silo tiles. The tiles were hollow and cracked easily, so we had to take them down as well.

After removing the debris, the whole building was slowly raised and taken off the foundation. The foundation was then dug out and a new foundation poured.