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Second Master Suite

You access this set of rooms through the secret door in the library. When you open the door from the library, you see the back of a second bookcase that you push open.

To the left of the hallway is a closet under the main staircase. Directly in front is the bathroom. In the picture it shows a closet to the right of the bathroom - this was removed to make the shower bigger. A lot bigger. The bathroom has a tile floor, a huge tiled shower with jets, a handheld, two showerheads on an adjustable thing and a steam outlet that's controlled from inside the shower.

The sink is porcelain on a granite countertop. The cabinetry - as it is in all of the house (except for the laundry) is all furniture quality, made by the Amish.

The round bedroom has wooden blinds, there is a mini-split ac over the desk area and a sitting room. There are built in cabinets next the the closet.

Like all of the closets, the light comes on when you open the door and goes off when you close it. The flooring is "shag" carpeting, but they don't call it that anymore.