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Living room

The living room makes up about half of the greatroom. There are decks off both sets of french doors, a little one overlooking the private garden and the greenhouse, and the large one over the poolhouse that leads to the rooftop deck.

The flooring in the living room is the same Quarter Sawn, clear, 5 inch Brazillian Cherry. There are floor to ceiling windows from which you can see Apponagansett Bay and at night, the twinkling lights of Padanaram.

The pub in the living room is a replica of a British Pub that's all hand carved Mahogany. A fridge with ice maker and a dishwasher for large glasses were set into the pub.

Behind the pub is a small room where we store things and it's also home to an eletrical sub-panel and the dimmers to control most of the second and third floors.

There is a "retro" fan hanging from the steel beam that is driven by a belt and it's computer controlled. There are two Fujitsu mini-split air conditioners (the biggest ones they make) and the radiant heating makes the floor nice to walk on without shoes.

The fireplace starts about four feet below the ground and goes all the way to about 6 feet above the roof deck. The firebrick is arranged in a herringbone pattern, there is an ash dump in the middle of the grate. The opening is 5' 6" high and is flanked by two granite postbox posts. The hearths are unpolished black granite and weigh about 2,000 pounds each.

There are little "nooks" in the fireplace for art or whatever. Even though it looks simple, this is a high tech fireplace. There is a lot of steel inside to hold up the giant steel beams that the engineer forced on the building, there is Ethernet, cable and eletrical in there too to supply the roof deck.