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Dining room

This is basically the other half of the greatroom, it's set up as a dining room but you could basically use it for anything from an additional living room to a dance floor.

The dining room has a mystery exit that leads to the powder room and the game room, and there are built in shelves and cupboards at the side of the room.

There is another "retro" belt driven fan hanging from the steel beam. The lighting throws pools of light on the dining table and the big lights which are hidden behind valances softly illuminate the rafters.

The walls that form the lower half of the gambrel are plastered and covered with American Clay ( ). The upper exposed portion is made of Duglas Fir.

The vertical beams are original - just sanded and sealed. The horizontal boards were more of a challenge. The original boards were water damaged and could not be removed without the building falling down. So insulating panels were installed on the outside of the roof. When this was done, they (which means mostly Dan) cut the nails that came through from the panels and they made new individual boards that fit between the rafters and nailed them in place one little board at a time.

The lighting in the greatroom at night is just spectacular, there's no other way to describe it.