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Heating and Cooling

The floors in the Barn are all Radiant. They use Viega controls to control the various zones in the Barn and these are in turn controlled by a HAI Omnipro II controller.

You can "talk" to the HAI Omnipro II controller (which Natasha can do) from the computer or from thermostats located in the bedrooms and the exercise room. This is what the thermostats look like. The furnace is a high efficiency Weil-McLain propane furnace. you can see it in the picture above.

The hot water system is tankless. There is no giant tank of hot water. Instead there is a Rinnai water heater that has no pilot light, it comes on when you turn on a hot water faucet and will supply endless hot water.

This is a big deal, because the average water tank will supply hot water for about 7 minutes, with the tankless heater, you can shower for hours - or until you run out of propane.

You can "tell" the Rinaii what temperature you want the water to be delivered at - and you can control this with keypads - so, if you like your shower at - say 120 degrees, then you set the control and you don't need to mix hot and cold - the Rinaii will do it for you.

For air conditioning, there are "Mini-Splits" in every bedroom, in the exercise room, in the game room and two giant mini-splits in the Living room.

OK, that's lights, heat and hot water and cooling. Lets talk about the Computer next - click the Green forward arrow below.