These photographs were taken with a digital camera by a non-professional.

They really don’t do justice to the Barn, you have to see it in person to appreciate some of the detail work that went into the six year project that transformed a landmark building into a magnificent home.

Roll your mouse over the picture of the original building in the top right of your screen.

Then put your mouse in the middle of the photo gallery to see the text.

The Barn is located about half a mile from the little village of Padanaram in Dartmouth MA. The original developer had a sign made called “Upper Padanaram” for the MastHead subdivision.

That would make any one from “the village” chuckle, but it does seem as though Padanaram is quietly “growing”.

The Barn overlooks Padanaram so at night you look out and see the twinkling lights of the village – sort of like LA but on a smaller scale.

There is lots of information about our village on the Web, just Google it.